Matt Finish Paint Cane

Primax Regal Paints

Matt Finish

  • Hardwearing and non-dazzling effect
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and steam
  • Good stain resistant
  • Excellent wash ability

Primax Regal Matt Finish Enamel provides a hardwearing and non-dazzling effect with excellent resistance to moisture and steam. It has good stain resistant properties and excellent wash ability.
It is suitable and ideal for interior wood, metal and masonry works. Primax Matt Finish Enamel is specially recommended for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, stair cases and walls.

A selective color range is available.
3.64 Liters & 0.91 Liter.
Light fast pigments dispersed in modified Alkyd medium.
VOLUME SOLIDS 45% White with variation for other colors.
DRYING TIME Drying time depends upon temperature and environmental conditions. Surface Dry 1-2 Hours Tack Free 2-3 Hours Re-Coat 8 Hours Hard Dry 24 Hours
FLASH POINT 34 degree C FILM CHARACTERISTICS Mild Chemical Attack The film formed is resistant to mild chemical attack but for heavy and real contact of chemicals a special system is recommended. Heat Resistance The Matt Finish Enamel is resistant to heat up to 90 degree C, but for light shades discoloration may take place above 80 degree C. Humidity Resistance Water resistance is also atmospheric humidity level in normal interior and exterior surroundings and hold out against repeated washings but not suitable for immersed objects in water.
THINNER Primax Mixing Oil. White Spirit/ COVERING CAPACITY 14-15 m*m liter coat Film Thickness 25-30 microns APPLICATION Brush, Roller and Spray THINNING Mix 8-12 % white sprit to the paint for improving brush-ability and roller applications. Mix 20-25 % white sprit to the paint for better spray.

New or bare surfaces, must be clear, dry, free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease, wax etc. all surface should be thoroughly rubbed down using a suitable abrasive paper and then dusted off. Fill all surface defects, cracks with a suitable filler. When dry rub down smooth and dust off.
Wood Primax Synthetic Undercoat – One Coat Metal Primax Red Oxide Primer – One Coat Masonry Primax Wall Primer Sealer or Primax Undercoat. One or two coats according to surface requirement. Finishing 2 or 3 coats of Primax Matt Enamel.

Available Shades

Pine Apple Twist 35

Strawberry 72

Terracotta Sand 47

Moon Shadow 22

Tropical Lime 33

York Stone 71

Candy Pink 45

Juice 37

Snow Mountain 30

Lettuce 73

Golden Sunset 46

Carnival Pink 63

Pumpkin 64

Onyx 16

Fresh Lime 61

Torres Blue 36

Royale  54

Passion 55

jade 56

Fesh Dew 23

Angle Blue 29

Kiwi 48

Cool Blue 62

Cockle Shell 52

Opal Lilac 34

Peach 11

Cool Mulberry 72

Apricot 49

Orchid Shadow 25

Off White 20

Kitten White 17

Lavender White 28

Utopia 26

Night Magic 42

Bone Wihte 21

Antique White 32

Shingle 12

Abbey Cream 41

Marvelous Mauve 44

Rose Wihte 14

Ash White 18

Halo 24

Muffin 50

Cranberry 43

Note: color shade may not accurate, it can changed according to screen brightness and contrast. Please consult nearest primax store for accurate shade cards.

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