Primax Regal Paints

Regal Velvet Touch 

  • Premium quality emulsion
  • Smooth Matt finish
  • Ideal for all normal interior masonry surfaces

Primax Regal Velvet Aqua Matt Emulsion is a premium quality emulsion with a smooth Matt finish. It is ideal for all normal interior masonry surfaces including brick work, plaster, cement rendering and wall boards.

 Typical Surface:
– New or bare surfaces.
– Previously painted surfaces.
– Powdery dusty surfaces.
Preparation Required:
– Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from efflorescent salts, after priming with Primax Primer and allow it to dry overnight.
– Remove all defective or poorly adhering material by rubbing down using a suitable abrasive paper and dust off. Spot prime and fill surface as described above if required.
– Make good minor defects. For large holes and cracks use sand and cement mixture. Allow to dry. Premier surface and then fill any surface imperfection with the filler described above. Allow to dry overnight. Scuff surface using abrasive paper and dust off. After preparation apply 3-4 coats of Primax Regal Velvet Touch Aqua Water Matt Emulsion.  STIR THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE. Contains no added lead or Mercury.

Available Shades

Off White 8886

Caramel Cream 8815

Sweet Cream 8831

Pearl White 8825

Trondheim 8814

Creamy White 8878

Antique White 8804

Ash White 8808

Salmon 8864

Sugar Cane 8817

Cheese Cake 8811

Cockleshell 8820

Ash Grey 8844

Fire Bush 8871

Buttermilk 8821

Kitten White 8805

Polar Adventure 8879

Full Wine 8885

Coppertone 8851

Pink Violet 8832

Peacock Blue 8880

Fresh Pasta 8830

Grass 8845

Cameo 8883

Herbal Fusion 8841

Plum Lips 8813

Dusty Pink 8803

Classical 8847

Mango Yellow 8884

Nature Spray 8842

Lilac White 8866

Blue Flame 8835

Spring Blossom 8853

Green Summit 8882

Orchid Lane 8816

Snow Bell 8809

Cherry Blossom 8822


Papaya 8819

Buff Grey 8887

Fairy Light 8857

Purple Party 8863

Bubble Gum 8823

Arizona Sunset 8806

Banana Ripple 8872

Havana 8850

Royal Romance 8818

Festive Pink 8824

African Orange 8881

Coral Pink 8826

Strawberry Jam 8812

Snow White 8807

Note: color shade may not accurate, it can changed according to screen brightness and contrast. Please consult nearest primax store for accurate shade cards.

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