Primax Regal Paints

Knifing Filler Grey Oil Putty

  •  Excellent quality putty
  • Developed for Gap filling in walls
  • Provides tough and completely smooth surface
  • Suitable for use on buses, trucks and each type of automobiles

Primax Grey Oil Putty is an excellent quality putty which has been developed for Gap filling in walls (Concrete, cement) and provides tough and completely smooth surface. It is also suitable for use on buses, trucks and each type of automobiles.

Organic chemical (Oil Soluble)


Drying Time
1 – 2 hours
No. of Coats
1 – 2 Coats
With Turpentine Oil
550 Grm 

New or old surfaces must be dry and free from wax, dust. Brush down previously
painted surface completely. Clean the surface by rubbing down with the help of
abrasive paper. Stir thoroughly before use.
The container should be kept tightly closed and strictly out of reach of
children. Keep away from all material of ignition and there should be no
smoking. There should be good ventilation condition for working. The doors and
windows should always remain open during application and drying.
It should not be used in small congested spaces and do not use on large surface
areas but if the product is used by professional operators, care should be
taken that it is applied by brush or roller to roller to large surface areas
inside or used in small confined places, providing air supply breathing
equipment is use. When it is applied for short periods or at the time of
rubbing down, a cartridge mark with repeatedly changed filter may be worn. When
applying by spray then all general precautions noted above should be strictly
followed. During spraying, of ventilation is insufficient, proper care being
taken to wear suitable respiratory equipment which should be or approved
Eye Protection:
A suitable eye protection equipment be used during paint application and in
case the eyes are effected, wash them with water and consult the doctor.
Skin Protection:
Use soap and water or an effective skin clearance and remove spots from skin.
While transporting the paint, the container should be kept in a very secure
upright position.

Store it in cool places and protect it from high temperatures. Avoid
exposing it to sunlight.
In case of accident use earth or sand to collect spillage.
Don’t flow it into drains or water courses to empty the can or else.
Disposal should be done in accordance with the appropriate Environmental
Quality Regulations.

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