Primax Power Paints

Paint Remover

  • A fast reactive compound
  • Slow evaporating compound
  • Application swells the old paint
  • Enables old paint easy removal

Primax Paint Remover is a fast reactive, slow evaporating compound which on application swells the old paint and enables its easy removal.

It is used to remove paint from all types of surfaces.

0.91 litre.            
Blend of solvents and additives.

Brush or spatula.             
Remove direct, grease from the surface, Apply Primax Paint Remover with brush or spatula and allow sufficient time for the film to become soft before removing it with a scrapper. Softening of the paint depends upon the types of thickness of the paint. Do not allow the paint remover to dry on the surface. For every hard paints like baking/Boiler Paints make deep scratches with the help of a sharp knife, it will help penetrate the paint remover. Residues remaining after scrapping off the paint should be carefully removed by scuffing and washing with water. The surface then should thoroughly be dried and finally wiped with rag soaked in petrol before repainting in undertaken. In case of wood it should be left on minimum possible time or it will penetrate the wood and will effect subsequent paint coatings, thoroughly wash the surfaces paying particular attention to cracks and corners.
Open the tin carefully as the solvent is fast evaporating and material may come out with pressure. It is very irritating and may cause damage to your eyes. Place the tin in cool environment and protect it from direct heat.

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