Primax Industrial Paints

Road Marking Paint

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Ideally suited for concrete, asphalt and bitumen surfaced roads
  • Impervious to moisture, water, atmosphere pollution and wide range of chemicals
  • Good resistance to wear and tear 
  • Good U.V. stability coupled with weather shielding properties 

Extremely high opacity one coat PRIMAX C.R ROAD MARKING PAINT has high abrasion resistance and ideally suited for application on concrete, asphalt and bitumen surfaced roads. This versa tile coating again is impervious to moisture, water, atmosphere pollution and wide range of chemicals.
PRIMAX C.R Road Marking Paint is a road marking paint based on a blend of chlorinated rubber and alkyd binders. Due to its superior adhesion to the surface, it has good resistance to wear and tear normally associated with foot and automobile traffic. It also has good U.V. stability coupled with weather shielding properties which offers extended durability.
For use on asphalt and concrete roads, primarily for kerbstones, speed humps or other areas with high traffic.

Film thickness and spreading rate

Minimum Maximum Typical
Film thickness, dry (µm) 60 100 80
Film thickness, wet (µm) 120 200 160
Theoretical spreading rate (m²/l) 8.3 5 6.25

Physical properties

Colour  White, Yellow, Black
Solids (vol %)* 54 ± 2
Flash point 25ºC ± 2 (Setaflash)
Specific Gravity 1.20 – 1.32

*Measured according to ISO 3233:1998 (E)
Specifications Complying AASHTO M 248 TYPE F
Surface preparation
The substrate must be sound, clean, dry, free from dust, oil, grease and laitance etc. All traces of release agents must be removed. On chalky and dusty surfaces, all loose material must be removed by stiff bristle brushing.
Other surfaces
The coating may be used on other substrates.
Condition during application
The temperature of the substrate should be min. 10°C and min. 3°C above the dew point of the air, temperature and relative humidity measured in the vicinity of the substrate. Good ventilation is necessary. The product should not be exposed to mechanical stress until fully cured. The best result and cost performance are obtained when conditions are normally good.
Application methods
Spray Airless or conventional spray.
Brush Recommended.
Roller Recommended.

Application data
Mixing ratio (volume)            Single pack.
Thinner/Cleaner                    PRIMAX C.R Thinner (not more than 5%)
Guiding data airless spray
Pressure at nozzle                150 kg./cm² (2100 p.s.i.)
Nozzle tip                               0.018” – 0.021”
Spray angle                            60° – 80°
Filter Check to ensure that filters are clean.
Drying time
Drying times are generally related to air circulation, temperature, film thickness and number of coats, and will be affected correspondingly. The figures given in the table are typical with:
* Good ventilation (Outdoor exposure or free circulation of air)
* Typical film thickness
* One coat on top of inert substrate

Substrate temperature 23°C 35°C 45°C
Surface dry <12 min <8 min <5 min
Through dry 30 min 20 min 15 min
Dry to recoat, minimum  30 min 20 min 15 min
Dry to recoat, maximum 

1. Recommended data given for recoating with the same generic type of paint.
2. In case of multi-coat application, drying times will be influenced by the number and sequence and by the total thickness of previous coats applied – reference is made to the corresponding system data sheet.
3. The surface should be dry and free from any contamination prior to application of the subsequent coat.
The given data must be considered as guidelines only. The actual drying time/times before recoating may be shorter or longer, depending on film thickness, ventilation, humidity, underlying paint system, requirement for early handling and mechanical strength etc. A complete system can be described on a system sheet, where all parameters and special conditions could be included.
Typical paint system
1.PRIMAX C.R Road Marking Paint 1x 80-100 micron
* For reflective properties sprinkle Glass beads ‘Ballotini’, Type B, over wet paint.
Other systems may be specified, depending on area of use.
Handle with care. Stir well before use.
Packing size
Health and safety
Please observe the precautionary notices displayed on the container. Use under well ventilated conditions. Do not breathe or inhale mist. Avoid skin contact. Spillage on the skin should immediately be removed with suitable cleanser, soap and water. Eyes should be well flushed with water and medical attention sought immediately.
For detailed information on the health and safety hazards and precautions for use of
this product, we refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.
The information in this data sheet is given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory
testing and practical experience. However, as the product is often used under conditions beyond
our control, we cannot guarantee anything but the quality of the product itself. We reserve the
right to change the given data without notice.

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