About Primax Paints

We, at Progressive Paints, started our paint manufacturing facility in 1996. Our paint products with brand name Primax Paint are widely used in Pakistan for decoration purposes. We have state of the art production facilities, sophisticated quality control systems and scientific processes which ensures the quality of the products.

Our highest priority is the quality of the product and the customer satisfaction. We have rich experience in producing colors and their allied products. We are proud to announce that we are producing high quality products, Alhamdolillah. This is only possible due to the fact that we have professional and dedicated teams not only in Production but also in Sales and R&D departments.


•The High standards of quality control.
•Large and Reliable Partner / Dealer Network.
•Highly Qualified and professional Team.

Company Values

•Integrity and Honesty.
•Open, Respectful and Supportive.
•Prepared to take challenges and see them through deep regards for Customers, Business partners and employees.

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