Regal Paints

Regal Matt Finish
It is suitable and ideal for interior wood, metal and masonry works.

Regal Synthetic Enamel
It is suitable for all types of interior and exterior wood and metallic surfaces.

Regal Weather Care
Its prime use is for new weathered exterior masonry works like brickwork, plasters.

Regal Plastic Emultion
Primax Regal Plastic Emulsion (Acrylic Based) is a super quality emulsion paint.

Regal Super Emulsion
It is suitable for every normal interior masonry
surfaces . 

Regal Velvet Touch
It is a premium quality emulsion with a smooth matt finish.

Aluminum Paint
A protective and decorative economical aluminium coating for application on interior and exterior surfaces.

High Sparkle Metallic
It is a high gloss, high sparkle and high luster paint with beautiful colours.

Aqua Grip Wall Primer Sealer
It acts as a sealer for masonry plaster and concrete surfaces.

Synthetic Clear Vanish
It is an air-drying very high gloss varnish for wood and metal surfaces. 

Regal Synthetic Metalic
It is suitable for correctly primed wood and metal surfaces.

Regal Multi Tile
It is a good quality texture required to make multi tile finishes for decorative purposes.

Red Oxide Primer
It is general purpose primer for protection of metallic surfaces.

Primax Nitron Cellulose Thinner is a high quality thinner for multi purposes.

Universal Synthetic Under Coat
It is quick drying undercoat with excellent filling and good adhesion properties. 

Knifing Filler Grey Oil Putty
It is an excellent
quality putty which has been developed for Gap filling in walls 

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