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by Primax Paints

Primax Power Water Primer Sealer

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Product Description:

Primax Power Water Primer Sealer is a water-based Sealer that protects against alkali and moisture. It is a breathable primer that allows water vapours to evaporate. It is a top-quality primer for use on masonry surfaces including concrete, brickwork, plaster, cement, wall boards, etc.

Pack Size: 3.64 L. 14.56 L

Color Range: White only

Composition (Nominal):

Pigment: Lightfast Pigments

Binder: Acrylic Copolymer

Solvent: Water

Flashpoint: N/A

Drying Time: Depends on temperature, humidity, air movements, and film thickness

Touch Dry 2 - 3 Hours
6 - 8 Hours

Application: Brush Roller Spray


Brush or Roller: 10-25%
Conventional spray: 30-40%

Cleaning Up: Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.

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