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by Primax Paints

Primax Wood Care N.C Clear Matt Lacquer

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Primax Wood Care N.C Clear Matt Lacquer is a fast drying nitrocellulose based topcoat with a Highly Glossy & Matt look. Gives a durable rich finish. Easy to apply on various surfaces for decorative purposes with protection. The finish is weather resistant.

Pack Size: 0.91 L 3.64 L

Color Range: Clear

Composition (Nominal):

Pigment: N/A
Binder: Nitrocellulose, Alkyd
Solvent: Volatile solvents BA, IPA, XYLENE

Flashpoint: 16°C

Drying Time: Depends on temperature, humidity, air movements, and film thickness

Touch Dry 15 - 20 Minutes
11 , 1/2 Hours

Application: Spray

Conventional spray: 50 - 60% with Primax Wood Care thinner

Cleaning Up: Clean all equipment with Primax Wood Care Thinner immediately after use.

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