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Founder's FootPrint

Muhammad Anwar journey to entrepreneurship was not an easy one, but it was one that was guided by his unwavering faith, strong work ethic, and commitment to family.

In 1947, Mr. Anwar migrated from district Qabootla in India with his family. The journey that began with nine people ended with only three. The harshness of this world had set in the life of Anwar at a very young age when he lost his parents, his sister and uncles. His grandparents were all that he had left. Mr. Anwar's grandparents instilled in him the importance of education, and despite facing numerous challenges along the way, he pursued his studies with dedication and determination. With his love for literature, he graduated with M.A. in Urdu Literature.

Mr. Anwar's journey to entrepreneurship began when he farmed from 1960-68 and traded in leather and poultry 1961. In 1969, he got his first job in Faisalabad, earning a salary of Rs. 140 per month, which he did for nine long years. In 1978, he founded his own trade dealership by the name of Tahir Amin & Co., which initially only traded paints.

It was not until 1992 that the foundations of Primax were laid, and the company began to produce and trade its own paints. From the beginning, Mr. Anwar believed in doing business in a way that was consistent with his values. He never engaged in financial dealings involving interest or credit, instead chose to operate on a cash basis. His belief in Allah was unwavering; he believed in delivering on his commitments and never compromising on quality.

However, Mr. Anwar's journey was not just about personal success - it was about building a legacy that would make a positive impact on the world around him. He believed that business could be done in a way that was consistent with his values, and he never compromised on quality or ethics, even when it meant taking a more difficult path.

As Mr. Anwar's business grew, so did his commitment to giving back to the community. He believed that success was not just measured by financial gain, but by the positive impact that a business could have on the lives of its customers, employees, and the wider community. And so he made sure that Primax Paints was not just a business, but a force for good in the world.

Today, Mr. Anwar's legacy lives on in the company that he founded, and the values that he upheld continue to guide its operations. Primax Paints is not just a business, but a testament to the power of hard work, faith, and a commitment to doing what is right. It is a tribute to every man who believes that anything is possible with a strong foundation of values, a clear sense of purpose, and a willingness to persevere through even the toughest of challenges.