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by Primax Paints

Primax Hi-Build Chlorinated Rubber Paint

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Primax Chlorinated Rubber Paint is a protective finish and is applied on surfaces where protection against chemicals, dampness and mould is required. Chemical plants, laboratories, marine installations, nuclear plants, hospitals, paper and sugar mills etc. can be applied on wood, steel, plaster, concrete and brickwork.

Pack Size: 3.64 L

Color Range: Limited color range.

Composition (Nominal):

Pigment: Light Fast Pigments

Binder: chlorinated Rubber Resin

Solvent: Xylene

Flashpoint: 34°C

Drying Time:

Depends on temperature, humidity, air movements, and film thickness

Touch Dry for 30 - 40Minutes

Recoat      6–8 Hours

Application: Spray, Roller & Brush

Thinning: Ready to use

Cleaning Up: Clean all equipment with Primax Chlorinated Rubber Thinner / NC Thinner immediately after use.

Theoretical coverageA guide to the theoretical coverage which can be achieved under normal conditions is 10 12 m2 /litre/coat.

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