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Primax Hi-Build Hammer Finish

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Primax Hammer Finish is a quick-drying metallic finish with a hammer tone effect, based on special resin, additives, and Aluminium Flake to give a decorative patterned finish, which gives a uniform hammer tone finish on application. The special hammer effect can hide minor surface imperfections or defects. It has good scratch and impact resistance. It can withstand high temperatures. It has excellent adhesion and weather resistance on interior/exterior surfaces.

Pack Size:   3.64 Ltrs.

Color Range: See Primax Hammer Finish Shade Card

Composition (Nominal):

Pigment: Aluminium Flake

Binder: Copolymer alkyd resin

Solvent: Xylene

Flashpoint: 23°C

Drying Time:

Depends on temperature, humidity, air movements, and film thickness

Touch Dry 2- 3 Hours
Recoat      4
– 6 Hours

Application: Spray

Thinning: Conventional spray: 10 - 20% with Primax N.C thinner

Cleaning Up:

Clean all equipment with Primax Wood Care Thinner immediately after use.

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