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by Primax Paints

Primax Regal Texture Finish

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Primax Regal Texture Finish is a good quality texture required to make different textures for decorative purposes. It is a heavy-body, mould-able texture, having properties like mildew resistance, breathability and water proofing etc. It is suitable for making different textures on walls, plasters, concrete, wood, etc. It can be used both exterior and interior.

Pack Size: 5kgs 20kgs

Color Range: White only

Composition (Nominal):

Pigment: Lightfast Pigments & Inert Extenders

Binder: Acrylic Copolymer
Solvent: Water

Flashpoint: N/A

Drying Time:

It depends on temperature, humidity, air movements and film thickness

Touch dry: 20-30 Minutes
Overcoming Coating: 3-4 Hours


Spatula, Italian Knife, Scrapper, Texture Roller, Design Roller

Theoretical coverage:

A guide to the theoretical coverage achieved under normal conditions is 3- 4m2/litre/coat.


Not Required

Cleaning Up:

Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.

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