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by Primax Paints

Primax Wood Care Sanding Sealer

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Product Description:

Primax Wood Care Sanding Sealer is a nitrocellulose based sanding sealer clear base coat, for all kinds of wood applications such as furniture, chairs, frames of wood, hardwood, plywood, furniture, timberwork such as doors, windows, tables, and cupboards, etc. It protects the top coat by sealing the base of the pour without hiding the wood grains.

Pack Size: 0.91 L 3.64 L

Color Range: Clear

Composition (Nominal):

Pigment: Inert filler
Binder: Nitrocellulose, Alkyd
Solvent: Volatile solvents BA, IPA, XYLENE

Flashpoint: 20°C

Drying Time: Depends on temperature, humidity, air movements, and film thickness

Touch Dry 15 - 20 Minutes
11 , 1/2 Hours


Conventional spray: 50 - 60% with Primax Wood Care thinner

Cleaning Up: Clean all equipment with Primax Wood Care Thinner immediately after use.

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